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Client Testimonials - For Southend Hypnotherapist,
Richard Brent

Commitment Phobia

"After suffering with the depression and anxiety speciffically commitment phobia that affected my relationship with my partner I decided upon using hypnotherapy to remedy this. Although I had never been under hypnosis and was at first a little hesitant a completed a number of sessions with Richard Brent. Gradually I started to feel much better and capable of working with my partner to commit to our relationship."


"I have suffered with emetophobia for as long as i can remember. I had tried every sort of therapy available, but it never made me feel any better for longer than a day! In desperation one day i thought i'd google "emetophobia cures Essex" and it came up with Richard Brents website I read it all for about 30 minutes and decided i couldn't carry on like this anymore, so i called the number. I spoke with Richard and started my therapy straight away. I had 8 sessions in total, and am now well on my way to living a normal-not scared of being sick- life! It was the best and HARDEST thing i have ever done, a few times i really didn't want to carry on with it, but i am so pleased that i did, i feel brilliant. So if you suffer from emetophobia, do it, its hard, but it really will change your life for the better..

I give my permission to publish this, and if you need to change the words around, no problem.

Richard, thanks again. I really mean that.


Hypnotherapy for Children

"just wanted to send you an email and thank you so very much for working with Daniel, he is a changed child going back to school he has even joined the Rugby Team, can t believe it, he is more confident and is just having the best time back at school with more friends and joining in more with everything.  I can thank you enough for what you have done for him his self esteem has hit the roof.  Thank you so very very much.

Also just to let you know that Jack is also excelling after his session with you, his school work has improved and he is now also very very confident.

You also have my permission to put this email onto your website.

Again,  Thanks so very much."




"I hired the services of Richard Brent and ELK Hypnotherapy back in November 2009  at the end of the worst and best year of my life.

I had come off an extremely hard year having lost my job and my confidence along with a ridiculous amount of money. I couldn’t get back on my feet no matter what tried. I was failing ridiculously to establish a relationship with the countless numbers of women I had been “serial” dating. I couldn’t get either my personal life or my professional life to work out. Thankfully after I hired the help of Richard within a few sessions I had started to rapidly turn things around in my favour.

Since my initial consultations with Richard I not only started seeing and successfully establishing a long term relationship with the girl of my dreams I have established a confident and aggressive CV which is now getting me multiples of interviews for the jobs I want ! I can’t thank Richard enough and if the last three months are anything to go by 2010 is going to be amazing!!!

Thanks again Richard!"


"Hi Richard, you helped me give up smoking 2 weeks ago. I must admit I had doubts on whether hypnotherapy would be successful or not. But 2 weeks on and I am still not smoking and I do not have the urge to.



"Hi Richard

Thought i would give you an update and also to say a massive Thank you. Things have been slowly getting better since my last appointment with you i haven't had a panic attack and my insomnia is no more.  My emotional eating doesn't happen i channel it elsewhere, I'm thinking alot more positively, every day i find i find something positive to say about myself no matter how small it is. I'm the zone where nobody can drag me down and its thanks to the hard work you and myself put in thank you once again.  Please find attached a statement you can put on your website .

Many Thanks


"I went to see Richard in February with a host of problems which included, insomnia, anxiety/ panic attacks, depression?( its what I was told by a councillor)  , weight gain issues( down to emotional eating) and after Christmas relationship problems.  I went with an open mind and willing to try anything to get the old me back.  He suggested a course of hypo-analysis.  My first session I didn’t know what to expect but I was keen to get the process started, it was very emotional but Richard warned me it would be but I must say that even though it was my first session I felt relieved like some of the emotional weight I was carrying was finally lifting, I knew I was carrying baggage just didn’t know how much.  Week by week progress was being made it was a big emotional release for me and it left me feeling tired but I was feeling better session by session. I cant’ thank Richard enough its been a few months since my final session with him and day by day I feel myself getting stronger and in more control of my emotions, my mind feels like its cleared all the bad crap out and now I’ve started to move all the positive stuff back in, my insomnia is sorted every night is a good night 6 to 8 hours sleep a night big improvement to the 4-5 hours I was getting.  I finally have my emotional eating under control for the first time in my life, stated to exercise again. Everything just seems to falling back into place and it’s down to the hard work Richard and me put in to get me here. Thank you again ….

Insomnia and Anxiety

"I was so down when i started the therapy but Richard put me completely at ease. Only a few weeks later i feel a different person! Definitely worth a try.


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